FMI #23 Kilimanjaro and Saw Gerrera!

As of posting this weeks FMI cast we just literally found out a few hours ago that Forest Whitaker is going to be playing Saw Gerrera from the Clone Wars in the live action Star Wars film Rogue One.

Forest whitaker as Saw

Entertainment weekly did a piece on it and I highly suggest checking it out.


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FMI #22


Faster and More Intense #22! Shiloh and George review Star Wars news and the latest issues of Star Wars#19 and Obi-wan and Anakin#5. George plans to take the visage of Julian Glover to Africa with him to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with. … wild.

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Faster and More Intense 21: News and Darth Vader Issue 20

In this long delayed segment, George and Shiloh discuss some “recent” news along with the first issue of the final arc of Marvel’s Darth Vader!  The video is coming soon, but for now enjoy the audio!

EDIT: And now the video, too!

Faster and More Intense 20: News and Poe Dameron Issue 2

In the latest episode of Faster and More Intense, George and Shiloh talk about recent news, including a bunch of Star Wars Day reveals, and have a nice little discussion about Poe Dameron #2.  Take a look!


Faster and More Intense 19: News and Star Wars Issue 18

In this installment, George and Shiloh are joined by Conner Norton as they discuss some recent news and issue 18 of Marvel’s Star Wars!  Take a look!

Faster and More Intense 18: News, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan and Anakin

In this installment George and Shiloh talk news and some of the comics released in the last few weeks.  It’s a party and a half, so take a look, why don’t you?

Faster and More Intense 17: C-3PO and News

Shiloh is joined by Jeffrey Cagle of The Imperial Talker as they discuss the latest Marvel one shot and all sorts of news.  That nefarious George Kostal fellow was too busy with “responsibilities outside of Star Wars” to join for recording, but he did edit the video and was not afraid to interject via text, so this one more than usual might be a good one to watch the video for.  Either way, have a watch, have a listen, have fun.

Faster and More Intense 16: Poe Dameron and News

Join us as George and Shiloh discuss last week’s news, including the Rogue One trailer, and Marvel’s exciting new Poe Dameron comic!  Take a look, have a listen, but most importantly have fun.

Faster and More Intense 15: News and Comics

In yet another delayed installment of Faster and More Intense, George and Shiloh discuss last week’s news, including the release of The Force Awakens, and Darth Vader Issue 18.  It’s a bunch of fun, so have a watch or a listen.

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Faster and More Intense #7

Hello everyone!  If you didn’t notice, we’re trying something a little different with the podcast this week.  George and Shiloh still talk about Rebels and the last round of comics, but with the added excitement of visuals!  It’s a rip roaring good time, check it out.

If you want just the audio, we have that for you too.