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I’m not a sports fan by any stretch. However, I understand how frustrating it must be for a fan to watch their favorite team fail. Especially if they started off with a good season, only to have it go downhill. The reason I understand this is because I’m a General Grievous fan.

Although intended as a villain character for Revenge of the Sith, General Grievous made his first appearance in the Clone Wars micro series. He appeared in the last episode of the first season cliffhanger and then in season two which ended with his pursuit and capture of Chancellor Palpatine leading into the opening of Revenge of the Sith. The Clone Wars microseries is almost a forgotten gem at this point and if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to seek it out. Although it’s not quite canon anymore, there’s good stuff to be had there, especially for a Grievous fan. At least for what he could have been.


The Clone Wars microseries presented Grievous as a truly frightening villain. He was a Jedi killer not out of trickery but of skill. Jedi feared him. After I watched the series I was more excited than ever to see this villain in Revenge of the Sith. I’m also a sucker for conceptual art for films and I was intrigued by the mystery surrounding this character. We’ve seen cyborgs before but he was a step beyond. Did he just have organic eyes? What’s this character’s story? I had high hopes for the general.









Then I saw Revenge of the Sith and while Grievous served the story, he didn’t really rise above it. He was called things like “coward”. He’ll “run and hide”. These were not things I associated with the unstoppable cyborg I witnessed fearlessly plow through a group of Jedi in the microseries. In his battle with Obiwan, he was made relatively short work of in his duel with the Jedi Master. It was a fun battle but I felt this was a much weaker character than expected. High expectations crushed? I will call this the “Phasma Effect”.


This weaker version of the character continued through The Clone Wars animated series where he was seen as a constant failure and a bit of a coward. His victories were few. Probably the best episode for a fan of the general was Lair of Grievous which gave him some minimal backstory where he chose the cybernetics as “improvements” to make him a better warrior. A previous comic book backstory had him severely injured in a shuttle crash. A deliberate “accident” so the Separatists could create a powerful slave to their cause. While The Clone Wars story is the canonical one, it is still far from complete. A true General Grievous origin story has yet to be told.


Right now the prequel era is getting little love or attention. I’m fine with that as we’ve have plenty of media take place in that era over the last decade. However, I would love to read a novel or limited comic series that fleshes out the origin of Grievous. I want to know more because I really love this character. I at least love what he was for a brief moment, and what he could be again. It’s not easy being a General Grievous fan but I’ll keep cheering him on, hoping for that comeback season where he fearlessly crushes his enemies.

The History of Anakin Skywalker`s lightsaber

All the way back in 1977, was the first time we ever set our eyes on the galaxy’s most famous weapon. Obi-Wan Kenobi handed Luke Skywalker his father’s blue-bladed  jedi lightsaber. Obi-Wan tells Luke that a lightsaber is a “more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

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Henry Hammond: A Star Wars Story

The year was 1993. In the basement of my pal Scott’s house, a cluster of six year olds embraced the pandemonium while our parents partied upstairs. This was my young life, wild and unfocused for the most part. Finally the noise forced our parents to bring out the old electronic babysitter and pop in a movie for us to keep us calm. There were multiple requests but one option rang loudest.
“Star Wars!”

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George Kostal: A Star Wars Story

Apologies now: this is about to go all over the place, so bear with me.

Now, I’ve talked a bit before about my Star Wars story, but today I’d like to dive in with a little more detail.  For those of you who don’t feel like clicking through, I grew up with the Prequels.  I was born in 1994, and there’s no denying that being born in that era colored my perception of Star Wars.  That said, I wasn’t taking an active part in the fandom for the entirety of my childhood.  When my dad first showed me A New Hope, I was too young to really appreciate it.  That said, I was certainly aware of the franchise’s existence for the duration of my childhood.  I still remember getting a Sith Infiltrator 3-D Puzzle as a party favor back then. Continue reading

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In this delightful episode of Faster and More Intense, George and Shiloh talk about some of the latest Star Wars news, including Pablo Hidalgo’s upcoming book on Star Wars propaganda, some recently leaked action figures, and the end of the ForceCast.  After that, they talk about Lego Droid Tales, the 2003 Clone Wars microseries, and select their next piece to discuss for Looking at Legends!  It’s a blast and a half, no doubt.  Have a listen.

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Faster and More Intense #6: Star Wars Influences and Legacy…


Hello friends. Fasterandmoreintense welcomed guest host George Kostal for today’s podcast on the influences of Star Wars. A look at what stories and media influences George Lucas and Lucasfilm when creating the Star Wars franchise as well as other ways the galaxy far, far away has influenced others as well. We hope you enjoy!

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