FMI #22


Faster and More Intense #22! Shiloh and George review Star Wars news and the latest issues of Star Wars#19 and Obi-wan and Anakin#5. George plans to take the visage of Julian Glover to Africa with him to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with. … wild.

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Character Spotlight: Hondo Ohnaka

Did you know that last Saturday was International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  If you didn’t, you do now.  In the spirit of that most important international holiday, I thought I would talk about one of my favorite pirates in Star Wars, Hondo Ohnaka.

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Star Wars #9… Don’t let this be the end of the Jedi.

SW#9 Cover

Were back with issue #9 of STAR WARS: Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon. We review this month’s journey with smugglers, hutts, jedi and angry tough females who hate and love Han Solo, you couldn’t ask for more.

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Moments in Collecting: Midnight Madness 2008

Later this week, stores across the nation will be open at 12:01 AM Friday morning for the big release of the first wave of merchandise for The Force Awakens.  Dubbed “Force Friday,” fans everywhere will be lining up outside of their local retailers to get their first crack at the merchandise (myself included, of course).  Now, for most Star Wars fans, this sort of release isn’t uncommon.  Previously dubbed “Midnight Madness,” events like Force Friday have been around for over 15 years, going back to the release of The Phantom Menace.  I was four for that event, and by the time of Attack of the Clones I wasn’t engrossed enough in Star Wars to be interested in attending.  For Revenge of the Sith‘s event, I was interested in Star Wars but wasn’t quite the toy collector I am today (of course, within a few months I would be well on the path).  I have, however, attended one Midnight Madness event: in 2008, for the release of the tie-in merchandise to Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  In the start of 2008, Hasbro was winding down the Thirtieth Anniversary Collection of action figures, and in February of that year they showed the first waves of their upcoming action figure lines: The Legacy Collection, which would feature characters from the movies, and The Clone Wars, which, well, duh.  Also shown were roleplaying sets, vehicles, and really all manner of toys that would be later available.  Of course, none of the toys were immediately available, leaving customers in a tantalizing wait for products.  Several chains had Midnight Madness events in the past, but in 2008 the action was centered around Toys R Us (TRU).  For this article, I’ll discuss what was available, the promotions that were being run by Toys R Us, and my own personal experience at the event.  First, let’s take a look at the items that were being released.  I’m going to focus on Hasbro, but I’ll throw in a quick list of what Lego released as well. Continue reading

Fasterandmoreintense #5 The Clone Wars

This week we discussed the Clone Wars television series with George Kostal from Galactic Academy. We talked about the new characters and places that the clone wars brought to us, as well as the many gaps that it filled with new information.

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Hope and Fear in Star Wars

The two emotions in Star Wars which I feel are most prevalent are hope and fear. Everything in star wars seems to be built around these two things. Characters either seem to be looking forward with hope, or giving into their fear. Today, I will be exploring what these two emotions mean for the Star Wars universe. Let’s start with hope. Continue reading

Continuity in the Canon: A Study of the New Star Wars Material Through the Eyes of 3 Pivotal Characters

An essay that Shiloh Kamrath recently did on the Mos Eisley Underground.


An op-ed guest post, written by Shiloh Kamrath ofFaster and More Intense

It is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. On top of getting a new trilogy (along with an undetermined number of spinoff films), we are also getting a slew of books, comics, TV shows, and yes, Star Wars: Battlefront. Recently, the old EU was struck down, cleaning the slate for all this new material. Coming with this was a declaration that it would all be canon and that it all would fit together in the same universe. Today I would like to examine the continuity of this new material, and look at what ways, good and bad, that they are fitting this universe together. I am going to examine three characters who I believe are representative of the new canon. First, I’ll take a look at Darth Vader: Not only are we learning…

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Review of: Dark Disciple

Dark Disciple Cover

Passed before us our last vision of the Clone Wars has, well, at least for now. Dark Disciple was the last of a long list of unfinished Clone Wars material; accompanying the Son of Dathomir comics, the Crystal Crisis on Utapau story arcs, and the Bad Batch story arcs. In a way, I think it was a perfect time to finish of the Clone Wars. Don’t get me wrong, I would love more clone wars era material. However, the focus is clearly shifting to the OT and beyond, and I believe that dark disciple was the perfect book to send us off. While I don’t necessarily think Dark Disciple is the best novel of the new canon, it served its purpose well. This review will also be spoiler-free, for those of you who have not purchased this book yet. Continue reading