Faster and More Intense 17: Far, Far Away in Stellaris

This week on FMI, Shiloh had a discussion with Dylan Skoda. Dylan is heading up a team to make a Star Wars Mod for the upcoming Paradox Interactive game, Stellaris! They discussed some of the upcoming content of the mod, as well as some of the challenges of creating a mod for a game that has not even been released. You can pre-order the game here paradoxplaza. Also you can find out more about the mod, as well as watch the development diaries, here.


Hello everyone and thanks for joining me on FMISpotlights #2. This month we talked to another great group of people working to make the amazing fandom we have the place that it is. We talked with a filmaker, news site owner, fellow podcaster, and even the owner of a star wars acting troupe. Join us as we put the spotlight on a few more of the many people who make star wars what it is. A wonderful community of fans.

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FMI Interviews: David Rabbitte


Today we talked with David Rabbitte, He is an artist who has done extensive work in Star Wars, on a broad range of projects, everything from Topps trading cards to art for star wars celebration. He has also worked on other projects, among other things  the films Anastasia and Titan AE. You can find his website here, and you can find his blog here.

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FMI interviews: YAK_CHEWIE from!


Hello everyone, today we will be talking to a well known figure in the Star Wars custom action figure community. We sat down with Justin Cook aka Chewie, from and several others Star wars collecting websites. Many of you may have seen him on these sites, however, you may not know much about him. He shared some insight about his Star Wars fandom with the fan community, his customizing works and even  a little about his family’s relationship with the Galaxy far far away. We were honored to be able to sit down and speak with him.

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