Faster and More Intense 17: Far, Far Away in Stellaris

This week on FMI, Shiloh had a discussion with Dylan Skoda. Dylan is heading up a team to make a Star Wars Mod for the upcoming Paradox Interactive game, Stellaris! They discussed some of the upcoming content of the mod, as well as some of the challenges of creating a mod for a game that has not even been released. You can pre-order the game here paradoxplaza. Also you can find out more about the mod, as well as watch the development diaries, here.

FMI Special: The Plight of Joe

In this FMI special, Shiloh is joined by Paul and Eric as they try to help out Joe, a totally fictional Star Wars fan who needs help deciding what he should be spending his time and money on as he tries to get back in to the series, after seeing The Force Awakens.  If you know someone who wants to get in to Star Wars, this is right up your alley.

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FMI Special: The Force Awakens

Welcome to Faster and More Intense’s Force Awakens Special!  Hosts Shiloh and George talk all about The Force Awakens: What we liked, what we didn’t, and all of our favorite and least favorite things about the new movie.  It’ll be a blast.  Have a listen, won’t you?

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