Why Star Wars is a Romance Novel.


I know, I know. It seems crazy doesn’t it, but bear with me.

In all of the trilogies so far, Star Wars has set a clearly established romantic theme throughout the lore of the series.  In the first(and I still consider it the best) trilogy.  There is Han and Leia. In the Romance genre, this is a very specific trope. The rogue and the ingénue.  He is the reluctant hero and she is the spunky  princess destined to find love.  They are both unattached when they meet, overcome obstacles (that pesky Empire) and find happily ever after (HEA.) In the second trilogy, we see this same story unfold with what I admit is a much different ending, not quite so HEA (that pesky Dark Side.)  Yet both of these relationships follow a very clear and predictable path. With this next movie though and the new comics, Star Wars threw that idea on its rear.

The addition of Sana Solo to the Star Wars Universe not only disrupts our view of Han, it also presents a modern edge to the Star Wars galaxy that has been lacking. Even though the movie goer knows that Han was not a saint before the movies started, they never saw him be anything other than charming gadabout and they definitely never saw him with another woman once he spies Leia.  Yes, there is that cantina scene where he kisses a girl and makes her leave but that is before he meets Leia.  The addition of this new character, a presumable ex-wife, or even gasp dare I say, legal wife would flip this on its head and Star Wars can only benefit from this storyline. One, it is more realistic.  Yes movies and books are all about escape but the Star Wars empire is so rich that adding a bit of realism only makes it seem just that, more real. The Star Wars galaxy is also showing signs of being much more diverse which again, for the same reasons is wildly exciting. And two, it is just plain exciting that the Star Wars galaxy is characterizing women not just as maidens or mothers but fighters and rogues of their own, going their own way in the galaxy.

I for one am all in for Sana Solo and what is represents to the Star Wars community. How about you? leave us a comment or send us an email at fasterandmoreintense@gmail.com.