FMI #22


Faster and More Intense #22! Shiloh and George review Star Wars news and the latest issues of Star Wars#19 and Obi-wan and Anakin#5. George plans to take the visage of Julian Glover to Africa with him to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with. … wild.


1:55 News

2:00 Star Wars Replica Props

6:00 hub info

7:20 Rogue One Reshoots

14:15 Boyega on set of Pacific Rim 2

16:38 Galaxy in Turmoil, recreated Battlefront 3 on Steam. KOTOR Remake


21:43 Comics review

21:43 Obiwan & Anakin issue# 5

#5 Frontpage

31:40 Star Wars issue# 19

#19 Cover

50:30 Upcoming issues in the Star Wars Galaxy

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