My Collecting Story


The Start of it All

I’ve been collecting Star Wars my entire life. I was born in 1976 and my introduction to Star Wars collecting was the original Kenner action figures and vehicles. By the time I was in my teens, I had collected a majority of the figures that were made except for a few, mostly the Power of the Force line that came out after the figures for Return of the Jedi as well as variations which at the time, no one was even thinking about. I sold off a majority of my vehicles as they took up too much room and despite being a kid who always took good care of my toys, some of them were in rough shape. At that point Star Wars died off for some time. There were still some things being made such as model kits and trading cards and I bought many of those.


The Resurgence

Then in the 90’s Star Wars came back on the scene with new action figures. I jumped back into collecting pretty hard. I also expanded what I would collect to include Star Wars Micro Machines and other scaled vehicles such as the Action Fleet line. Star Wars books and comics were also being released en masse and I collected those too.


A place for the collection

When I got married and had a house I was thrilled to finally be able to have a room where I could display my collections. Up until that point I collected from many other franchises as well. If I thought it was cool, I’d buy it. I had a large Star Trek collection, (mainly built up while Star Wars was in hibernation), figures from Aliens, Predator, X files, and an absolute ton of Legos that I’d had since I was little. Star Wars, Legos, and Transformers had defined my childhood.

I realized that despite having space to display my collection, I still didn’t have enough space. I had several boxes of unopened Star Wars figures and not enough room to put them out. I decided that my first love was Star Wars and I was going to have to start parting with everything else and I did for the most part. Still feeling that I had “too much”, I started tailoring my collection down further to mostly the 3 ¾” Star Wars figures. Things had come full circle and I was back to what started it all for me. Because my collection room has a lower than average ceiling height, I scratch built two curio cabinets to house most of my loose figure collection.



My focus today…

I still focus mainly on the 3 ¾” action figures but my collecting has expanded to include a few other scales or types of figures and I’ve even dipped into some other non Star Wars things like Transformers and Gundam, though minimally. I’ve also just started getting into diorama building and figure customizing. Oddly enough, I’ve sold off, or weeded out some of my primary figure collection to avoid having “too much”. I will get the occasional Star Wars Lego set, but the expense is prohibitive and they end up boxed away due to space requirements (every collector’s nightmare!) I’m a professional prop maker and I even have some homemade props in the collection.

Collection room


My favorites

There have been so many great action figures made that it would be hard to narrow it down so I won’t even try. A couple recent favorite items have been Bandai’s samurai styled Star Wars figures they’ve done just because it’s something unique and different. I also like my Kotobukiya Bishouju line Jaina Solo and Mara Jade statues. They are done in anime styling and both Expanded Universe/ Legends characters. Again, they are something different which appeals to me.

kotobukiya-jaina-solo-bishoujo-figure-1 41ptN9ObVVL._SY355_

Another oddball item is a single Gentle Giant Biker Scout statue. I don’t collect Gentle Giant but I’m in the 501st and have a Biker Scout costume. They’ve were always my favorite type of stormtrooper and I love the pose chosen for the statue that isn’t the same as everything else that’s been done. It’s quite obvious that if it’s different, it’ll grab my interest!



Among my favorites would be any props or dioramas I’ve made. There’s something special about making something from nothing that connects me in a way that just “buying things” can’t. My collecting habits have certainly changed throughout the years, but one thing’s for sure. Star Wars has always been a huge focus for me and probably always will be.

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5 thoughts on “My Collecting Story

    • Thank you! I’ve made a few other pieces of furniture like our dvd cabinet. Usually when nothing store bought would suit our needs. I made a Tardis dvd cabinet as a gift for some friends and my wife and I are planning some other “themed” pieces of furniture.


  1. Like you, I’ve been collecting since I became a fan of Star Wars. I have a huge part of my collection in storage and have been dying to bring it out. But I also have a decent amount displayed in our movie/tv themed living room.

    I love the way you have your collection set up! There’s so much to look at! I have never seen the Kotobukiya Bishouju statues before! They look awesome!

    Thanks for participating in this month’s Star Wars ComLINKS!


    • Koto’s next Bishouju was supposed to be a female stormtrooper. Would not be my first choice. Then it got cancelled. I spoke to a Koto rep at SW Celebration about the line. He told me Disney (who didn’t own SW when the other statues were made) to “reevaluate their character selection”. I’m guessing they didn’t want the EU characters but that’s just a guess. I’d really like to see an Ashoka or Sabine. Since they are already animated characters, I think they’d translate well. Its now been a few years with no news on the line. A recent email I sent to Koto has gone unanswered. 😦


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