Where did the time go…

J.C. Reifenberg’s short film about playing with Star Wars toys captures how I felt back then and still now..

(The video can be found on YouTube here)

Edit: shout outs to J.C. and Crew for making this awesome clip with James Arnold Taylor from Clone Wars producing! The nostalgia is strong with this one…


I sat down today going through my normal Star Wars twitter feeds as I do every day. Seeing all the new hype building for The Force Awakens has me stoked on every level. So when I came across the below StarWars.com article I had to stop and reflect.


As my eyes followed the article, I had to keep reminding myself. I’m in my 30’s now…

While reading Tim’s excellent critique of the relaunched Kenner (actually Hasbro as of 1991) Star Wars line from the mid 90’s POTF2 it got me thinking of a while back when I posted a nostalgic filled response to a Rebelscum.com general POTF2 thread here.


While I loved the original vintage line I was enamored with the new sculpts and especially the vehicles and weapons. Like Tim Veekhoven, I’m not a fan of the ‘roided out versions of the PotF2 figures but for the time it was what we had to work with and we embraced them as best we could.

POTF2 stuff

My personal favorite of the line was the Tie Fighter Pilot (Stormtroopers a close 2nd) The sculpt was head and shoulders above the vintage (figurative and literally /slaps knee). The Rogue Squadron comics were still coming out back then in the mid 90’s and I must have had over 30 Potf2 Tie Fighter pilots with a few that I drilled the helmets hollow so I could create Baron Soontir Fel’s 181’s squadron.

Later even my brother was getting caught up in the Episode I hype and started the Star Wars RP game with me and as we did we’d buy more POTF2 figures to customize as our characters from the RP game. I for some reason can’t remember my guys name but all my characters eventually become Rezikai so it’s kind of moot. However My brother had a Sandtrooper turned bounty-hunter with the help of a lot of acrylic paint and some fancy SuperSculpy for a sight on the gun, he even remembered his characters name, Concade Mindigo.

Gateway Fig

Surprisingly enough when I scrubbed the figure down last year the 19 years worth of acrylic paint washed right off with some paints Goo-Gone leaving the rough looking POTF2 Sandy below (put him on a tracing lightbox for effect).


When I started re-collecting a few years ago I went and found all my old POTF2 figures and most were still in like-new condition in their small sandwich baggies (yes I changed them to acid free bags) and sitting in a large box packed with some vehicles. Gone are the days I spend playing with them and collecting now that I’m a mature nerd I love creating photonovels and diorama’s for them.


(Tea? My good fellows?)


(Tea… From the Darksiiiiiide)

As some of you may have seen on my about page I still own tons of modern figures. The original vintage I still own a few but more for nostalgia’s sake… wicked nostalgia how you whore yourself to me whenever you see fit. As I get older I think about those days spending long hours hunting down these muscle bound freaks called POTF2. I loved every second of it.


I know there are other Star Wars figure fans out there and I’d love to hear your stories of how you got into the vintage/potf2/modern lines and what fun/sad tales you have of them.

If you want to share your POFT2 or any SW action figure stories by all means post them in the comments or send us an email at Fasterandmoreintense@gmail.com we’d love to hear them (especially George and myself) about your funnest action figure stories we may read them on the podcast as well!


P.S. watched this video after writing this… why because whatever is why…

Better then Ezra’s fan made “Good” Back in the day video

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